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Lessons To Learn (chapter 50)

Chapter 50

He kissed her there and it was the gentlest he'd ever been… his lips felt soft against her skin, and his tongue was more reverent than wild, and even though it felt so good, it was driving her insane, a need to feel more


"Fuck my face Kate…"

A loud moan left her lips, as she pulled his face into her heat, and began to rub off against his face, before she knew it, she had both her hands at the back of his head, guiding his face into her

Whimpers and soft desperate cries left her lips as his tongue and lips did delicious things in her over flowing heat, every time she looked at his face, she could see it coated with her heat, and it was such a turn on…

"Come on, you can do better than that" he challenged her with a smirk as he licked his lips

"fuck!" she exclaimed, and brought his lips to her clit again, and this time she wrapped her legs around his head, her inner thighs pressing against his ears, blocking most sound from entering his ears, but he could feel her blood thumping through her veins, she could feel reverberations of her sound singing through her skin, and as his lips went crazy on her clit.

He brought 2 fingers to her entrance and without warning pushed them into her, she moaned loud an dirty, a string of expletives leaving her lips, the tight warm wetness around his fingers felt so good, he took them out only to smear some of her moisture over his own throbbing erection

His tongue moved feverishly against herm, until he felt her climbing, he knew her tells, it was a mix of her voice, her abdominal muscles, her thighs, he knew when she was close, and so with a flick of his tongue so expertly, and with a few hard thrusts of his fingers within her, he got her to come, squirting her sex onto his mouth, and tongue, and he sipped from her so gently, and yet so thirstily.

She let her feet find the floor near his knees and she leaned in to cradle his face in her hands, and she took that opportunity to taste herself off his face, kissing his face all over, licking his lips, and tasting his tongue.

she'd never been one to try kinks like these, but he made her do things she'd never dreamed off, and he loved her to the ends of the earth, she wanted to do everything she could to make him feel loved just as much…

She tugged at him, to stand, or to join her on the couch, but he had other ideas, he got up from his knees, leaned over her, to never stop kissing her, and she felt him sliding the tip of himself in her folds, wetting himself in her juices, Kate began stroking him, just the way he liked it,

He made her lie down on the couch, and knelt between her legs. And she watched as he buried his erection into her… her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt his balls touch her skin, and he began thrusting wildly into her heat, he brought her feet up to rest on his shoulders an kept fucking her,

"Kate, touch your breasts"

And she obeyed, palming and massaging herself as his hungry eyes watched,

"Pinch your nipples"

She did as she was told, and just that was doing it for both of them, how she loved pleasing him, and how he loved watching, and dominating, and being her everything all at once….

She tweaked her nipples, and her eyes closed as the sensations took over her entire body

Her breasts bounced with every thrusts of his body between her legs, and soon enough, sounds of their skin sloppily slapping against each other, mingled with her whimpers and moans, and his grunts of pleasure filled the room…

"Kate, let go! Come for me"

"Yes! YES!" she moaned and came around his erection, buried within her… he was doing everything he could to resist his own release while she spasmed around him, her inner muscles hugging him tight and contracting around him…

As she came down from her orgasm, she could feel he was still moving and hard within her

"Rick… let go"

"Fuck!" he said as he brought his manhood out of her and stroked himself, emptying his seed on her folds. Kate was dizzied by the scene, she sat up a little, needing to watch him paint her skin with his release

And when his eyes met hers, she bit her lip, and he aimed at her breasts, emptying the last of himself onto her nipples…

This could have been one of the dirtiest things they'd ever done, but it felt so great, it surprised both of them… Kate began massaging his warm release into her skin, and rick's eyes darkened, even thought he'd gone flaccid… he pushed her down to lie back down on the couch, and began kissing her neck, and when his lips reached her ears

"I hope I didn't surprise you too much" he said

"You're perfect" she said "you're mine" she added

And they made love on into the night forgetting all of the things that had been worrying them just a few minutes ago…

Somewhere in the night, they had taken their love making to the bedroom, and fallen asleep. When Rick awoke somewhere in the middle of the night, he found her tracing patterns on his chest with her finger, she was awake

"Hey" he said softly

"Hi, I'm sorry, did I wake you?" she asked sweetly and kissed his chest where she'd been tracing patterns

"No, no… you didn't, but how about you tell me what's keeping you up?"

"You know" she said and then rested her head back down on him...

Rick wanted to help her relax, he wanted to get her mind off of everything…"

"Hey, how about we soak a while in that amazing tub of yours"

She smiled against his skin and said "okay..."

Minutes later, she was leaning back against him in her hot tub, her bare back smooth against the planes and of his torso, his own manhood, semi erect at her back, but they were in no hurry to attend to their arousal, right now, this was all about relaxing themselves and Rick wanted to make this all about her, and so he reached for her loofa, and very slowly began washing her skin, starting with her hands, slowly moving the loofa along the length of her hands one by one, and then her shoulders, her back…

his movements were slow and so gentle, she could feel her body relaxing and giving up all those worries… when she leaned back against him, she tilted her head so that her forehead rested against his neck and his hand with the loofa was now moving ever so reverently against the front of her body, first over her collar bone, then down to her breasts, giving them both equal attention. Kate let her hands wander up and behind his head to play in his soft hair... he kissed her cheek and she sighed in happiness.

He had now taken the loofa down to her stomach, lightly scrubbing her skin, and then lower, until she moved a bit, spreading her legs, he began lightly moving the loofa along her inner thighs, stroking downwards in an attempt to get her blood to flow to her abdominal muscles, he could feel she was aroused and he wanted to make this good for her…

Kate had other plans, when she felt his hand trying to wander elsewhere with the loofa, she guided him by catching hold of his hand, and bringing the loofa between her legs

Immediately, Rick's lips found her neck and began sucking lightly on her skin... and Kate began to guide him to lightly rub the loofa over her core

Ricks free hand reached her breasts and began palming her… Kate was shifting and writing, as the feeling began to grow within her, it was a slow sensual climb to ecstasy, the feeling of the roughness of the loofa, lightly touching her soft sensitive skin, under the pressure of his amazing hands, every nerve in her body was singing and awake and so in love with this man who made it his life's aim to please her, to make her happy, to always be hers…

It wasn't until she was really close, that she made him let go of the loofa, and replace it with just his fingers

The loofa came to float above the surface of the water next to her knee and Kate turned her head a bit, to kiss his lips... And before she knew it, she was coming at the mercy of his sweet fingers between her folds, working her up expertly and so beautifully…

When she was satiated she felt him whispering at her lips "I love you baby, I love you so much…"

"I love you more…"

She said as she turned in his arms and began kissing him more lovingly.

Lessons To Learn (chapter 49)

Chapter 49

"In your fucking dreams" Rick said, finally letting his anger slip

"I thought so, maybe we could create some adjustments in my marks for the final exams then…"

"That's not in my hands"

"But her boobs were, and I'm sure you can convince her to make the necessary adjustments if you'd like me to keep my mouth shut about this"

Rick wanted nothing more than to hit the guy, enough to disable him so that he'd never be able to speak again.

"Think about it Rick, have a chat with her and let me know soon, before I decide I can't keep this secret too long". Ethan drove off and Rick stood there, not knowing what he was supposed to do now.

That evening, there was a knock on her door. Kate had been trying to keep her mind off the afternoon's events by distracting herself with some baking. She had just taken the cookies out of the oven when she heard the knock. She opened the door to find Rick there and as much as all she wanted to say was 'rick, you can't be here, not until we sort this out' she pulled him in and hugged him tight, just needing to feel his warmth, and his strong hold

"I was wondering whether you'd send me away" he said.

"I should, but I won't"

He kissed her forehead, "did you have dinner?"

"Not yet"

"Chinese take-out?" he asked.

"Will do" she said as she turned and walked back towards the kitchen

He sat himself across from her, watching her clean up the island and then she asked

"Did you talk to him?"



"And… let's have dinner first, and then we can talk…"

Kate looked at him for a moment and then just nodded.

"Want to watch something until dinner gets here?" she asked

He nodded, and they sat themselves at her couch, with some movie playing on her DVD set, she snuggled closer into his side, and he held her. Dinner was there soon enough and they both ate out of the boxes, not wanting to take the effort to get plates. After dinner, they watched on until the movie was over and when it was done, she turned the set off and faced him

"Now tell me, what did you tell him? What did he say?"

"I have a better idea, how about we talk about this later…" he said as he lazily leaned in to kiss her lips

She let him at first, but her curiosity got the better of her

"No Rick, please, just tell me"

"You don't need to know Kate…"

She pulled away from him

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I'll handle it, don't worry"

"Rick you can't possibly be planning on keeping me out of the loop!"

"I just think you don't need to stress yourself out on something I can handle myself"

"Is that how it's going to work then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Rick, we're planning on being with each other for the long run, and if this is how you're going to handle issues, by keeping me out of the loop, I'm sorry, that's not going to work for me"

"That's not how it's going to be" he said

"Then why won't you tell me!" she stood up with her arms folded in front of her, needing to bring some space between them

"Okay okay… just please sit down"

"Tell me Rick" she insisted

"He wants you to adjust his marks in our final papers when the time comes"

She stood quiet for a moment. Taking that information in. Exasperated, she began pacing before him again

"Kate, please sit down"

"He's blackmailing?!"

"I told you, I'll talk to him, I'll figure out a way"

"How?! He knows a secret we tried hard to keep, and now he's using that information for his own good! I think I'm going to be sick" she sat down beside him again

He pulled her into a hug, and kept kissing over her hair. "Hey, hey… relax… I'll find a way?"

"And if worse comes to worse?" she asked

He didn't answer, and so she answered it herself

"then we shouldn't see each other until your graduation is over" she looked up to him"

"What?! No!"

"There's no other way we can keep his mouth shut about this Rick"

"I'm not keeping myself away from you just because some douche is trying to manipulate us"

"Then what are we going to do?"

"I'm going to keep loving you" he said as his lips kissed over a tear that rolled down from her eye, then he kissed over both her eyes and said "I'm not going to let anything get between us…" and his lips found her lips, kissing her gently at first, but then growing in intensity..

she tried fighting it, her hands pushed at his shoulders, trying to stop him, to make him see sense of this, but here he was, assuring her he'd never leave for whatever reason, and for a moment, she just wanted to forget everything, wanted to let go and feel, and forget that someone was trying to blackmail them, to separate them, or at least trying to make good use of the fact that he had information…

And so Kate let herself go, and she all but felt his hands move wildly over her body, and in a matter of seconds, she found herself naked before him. His lips only left hers then and he stood up to get his own clothes off

"Touch yourself Kate" he said as he started getting his shirt off

Kate brought her legs up, her knees bent, and feet on the couch, her wet heat opened gloriously and exposed for him … she had her eyes closed and her head thrown back as she began touching her oversensitive skin

"Rick… I need…"

"fuck, you look so hot Kate…" it wasn't until she heard him speak that she realized, eh was down on his knees before her, his lips so close to here she'd like him to be, she let her hand wander into his hair, and he leaned in to kiss her, her body came alive at the touch of his lips to her opening..

Chaptre 50- Link here- http://caskettastic.livejournal.com/14955.html

Lessons To Learn (chapter 48)

Chapter 48

"Do you have another class to get to?" he asked between kisses

"My next lecture got cancelled"

"Great" he said as his hands began unbuttoning her shirt

She stopped him, and his lips found her neck, kissing her passionately, he put his hand behind her thigh and brought one leg up to hook around his hip and he thrust his pelvis into hers eliciting a sinful moan from her lips..

"Wait, Rick, don't you have a class?" she said, panting, and struggling to get words out as his hot lips were controlling every nerve in her body

"I can skip it" he said

She moaned again as his hand made its way into her shirt, from the top, having opened up 3 of her buttons and he began palming her breast over her camisole

She held his face then and brought his lips to hers, wildly kissing him and winding her arms around his neck, trying to hoist herself up onto his hips

When suddenly they heard someone clear their throat.

They pulled apart like as if they'd been burned.

At the door stood Ethan, smirking and walking towards them

"I didn't mean to interrupt, just thought I'd return this to you Professor Beckett…" he said as he handed over her phone to her, "you dropped it this morning when we bumped into each other"

Kate looked like a sex mess, her hair was a little frizzed up from the side where Rick had let his fingers wander, her shirt was three buttons open and a little off. Rick's hair too had been messed up by her hands, but what he was more worried about was the very evident bulge in his jeans, but Ethan had just seen them making out, and that was the biggest problem here

"Ethan, we were just…"

"I'll leave you to it, I just came to return your phone" he said and before leaving he winked and said "have fun buddy" to Rick and left.

Kate was left standing speechless, shell shocked and shaking, her body still coming down from that high that Rick had put her in, and a new fear taking over her senses.

"Rick what just happened?"

"I… I don't quite know"

Kate started buttoning up her shirt and settling her hair and she began pacing the floor "do you know him well?"

"Uhh… we've been in the same class for a while, but not like we're best buddies or something…"

"Rick… what are the chances that he will stay quiet about this, I mean…"

"I don't know…"

"What if he starts telling others what if your entire class gets to know…?"

"I…" he stammered

"Rick, if the any of the faculty hears about this, it's a breach in one of the college's teacher- student relations policy…

"Maybe he won't…" Rick tried

"I could lose my job, you could be suspended, they could detain you…"

"Kate, relax, I'll find him, and maybe I could talk to him…"

"And tell him what?!" Kate snapped "that you're sleeping with a professor and he should keep silent about it?"

"I'll figure something out…"

"How?" she asked desperately.

"Don't worry, just meet me tonight""

"No rick, I don't think we should"

"Oh come on..."

"Not until we're sure he's not going to go around telling everyone…"

"What difference does it make?"

"Rick, don't you understand what this could do to both of our careers"

"Kate, I'm in love with you!"

"That doesn't mean I'll let you throw your future away"

"You are my future"

"Rick I need you to understand"

"You know what?! I'll talk to you later" he said, his features gone cold, and he walked out briskly

"Rick..." she wanted him to understand, but right now, they had a bigger worry on their hands

Rick caught up with Ethan after college that day,

"Hey… uhhh… Ethan"

"Oh Rick, Hi, what's up dude?"

"Umm nothing much, I uh… just wanted to talk to you… about this afternoon…"

"What about this afternoon?" Ethan asked smugly as they kept walking

"Professor Beckett and I…"

"Ahh, honestly Rick, I don't care what you got going on with the professor, in fact, I'm sure she's quite the fuck"

Rick felt his anger rise at that

"That's not what it is…" he said

"What else could it be?"

"We're in love"

Ethan laughed "quit the crap, how many extra credits is she giving you for sleeping around with her?"

"That's bullshit... I'm not with her for any academic benefits"

"So then your benefits are purely physical?" he said with a chuckle, a smug grin plastered on his face

"What will you take to keep your mouth shut about this, at least for the next 2 months? I don't care what you want to do after graduation"

"Hmmm, how about I think about it and let you know?"

Rick hated this. The guy was going to use this as blackmail. Ethan had reached his bike and while reversing out of the parking space he said

"Any chance I'll get an afternoon with her?"

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Lessons To Learn (chapter 47)

Chapter 47

As Kate drove on to college the next day, she quickly rang up her mom.

"Hey mom, did you two get home alright?"

"We did. In fact your father's still asleep"

"Didn't you have to resume work today?"

"Tomorrow actually, so he's making the most of his last day on vacation"

Kate laughed

"Well, how are things with Rick"

A blush rose to her cheeks as she recalled all of the amazing moments they'd shared the earlier night, and about how she woke up cuddled in his arms and very reluctantly she left him with a note saying she had to go home to get ready for college.

"Things are good."

"You guys talked about it?" her mom asked.

"Yea, cleared it all out… we're on the same page"

"And where is that?"

She took a moment and replied

"We both want more"

"That's great, I'm happy for you two"

"Thanks mom, he's asked me to move in with him"


"And I want to, but not yet"

"Why not?"

Kate didn't know how to explain. How was she supposed to tell her mom that Rick was actually her student and she wanted to wait until he graduated after 2 months and maybe then they could think of moving in together… it was a huge step and it involved people noticing her absence at her building and her presence at his. People would get to know, and she didn't want that to affect either of their lives just because they made hasty decisions. If they were in this for the long run, then waiting for another 2 months shouldn't be difficult, should it?

"I'll explain soon mom, I've reached college, and I'll talk to you soon?"

"Sure Katie, give my regards to Rick. Have a nice day"

"You too"

Kate parked her car and got out, walking straight towards the college building. Just before she could leave the staff room for her first lecture, she received a text…

"Can I take you to dinner tonight?"

"Rick I don't think we should take the risk, if anyone sees us..."

"Please, we'll go somewhere on the outskirts of the city, I know a few places, no one we know will spot us…"

How could she say no, he was being so determined to take her out… "Alright, meet me after class, we'll talk"

"Among other more exciting things we could do"

"Whatever happened to those rules we made about how you shouldn't be making me blush while I'm in college"

"Oh we're rule breakers, I thought you knew that by now"

Kate laughed and replied "I'm off to class, see you in 5th period"

"Can't wait" came his reply, and just as she walked out the door of the staffroom, she bumped into someone passing by and all of her things feel to the floor. The guy was tall and buff and she knew him from Rick's class

"I'm so sorry, let me help you with that" he said as they both bent down to pick her stuff up.

"Ethan right? That's okay, happens" she said as she collected her books and files and then walked on hurriedly to class

It wasn't until after she'd walked on, that Ethan found her phone. He quickly picked it up and tried to call out to her

"Professor Beckett… your phon…"

But she was gone. And Ethan stared at the chat window open on her phone, on which a new message had just come in.

While on her way to class in 5th period, Kate realized her phone wasn't on her person, and she began to wonder whether she had put it back in her bag this morning before leaving the staffroom, but she couldn't for the life of her remember. She let it go for now.

She entered class, and after greeting them, her eyes searched for Rick, and there he was, his charming self smiling at her. She felt light-headed looking at him. So she distracted herself with the roll call, and then began with a new lesson for the day.

Towards the end of the lecture, she had given the entire class an excercise to do in their books, and while they were at it, she walked through the aisle ways glancing at their work. When she passed by Rick's desk, he wrote in pencil on his sheet "did you get my text?"

And she simply nodded no to him and moved on… when she passed him again he wrote "I texted you, was wondering whether you want to go back to my place or yours after dinner tonight"

Kate smiled at herself and moved ahead to the next desk and then the next, checking that they were all writing, she could answer him later.

Rick smiled to himself and continued writing.

Ethan however, siting at the corner of the class, had seen the exchange and also the smiles they were throwing at each other.

After class, Rick took his own time putting his things back into his satchel, and Kate pretended to be searching for a few papers on her desk, until the classroom as empty save for the two of them

He walked up to her and pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately

"I don't like it when you don't reply to my texts, especially when they're related to us making love" he kissed her some more, passion overflowing from his hands and lips, making her toes curl effortlessly. She hummed and then spoke so very close to his lips

"Your place"

"Good, now how hard was that?"

Her hand reached down between them to palm him over his jeans and she said "not hard enough"

His pelvis involuntarily jerked forward to her touch, he chuckled "dirty talk is so not you"

She laughed "touché, that's your department"

"After I woo you at dinner, I'm going to take you home and make you never want to leave"

He kissed her some more and began backing her towards the wall behind them

Chapter 48- Link here- http://caskettastic.livejournal.com/14390.html

Lessons To Learn (chapter 46)

Chapter 46

"I'm tired"

"I know, I just want to make sure you get to bed alright, you're a little drunk, a lightweight"

He had to admit she was right.

"Yea okay" he said and got out of the car.

As they rode up the elevator to her loft

He spoke "thank you for inviting me tonight"

She knew he was just being formal and she hated it

"Rick about what happened..."

"I don't want to talk about it Kate"

"But I need to explain"

He didn't reply. They walked into his loft and straight through his study and into his bedroom. She waited as he freshened up in the bathroom and cane back out wearing only his pants, still belted. And he sat on his side of the bed

"Please let me explain"

"What do you want to say?"

"It meant nothing..."

"Why did you let him do it?" she stepped infront of him and said

"I don't know... it's actually what I wanted to talk to you about... Rick... I want to know where we're going with this... where you see us in the future..."

"You don't already know?"

"We've never talked about it..."

"So you assumed we'd be over soon, and so you gave up and let another man kiss you?"


"you know what Kate, today I saw so many men look at you, talk about you, I had to watch another man kiss you... and it occurred to me, that even though I do want to spend the rest of my life with you... you're way out of my league... you could have any man you wanted, they're all there for you, and they can give you so much... I'm an aspiring writer, just figuring my life out now..."

"Rick... what are you talking about"

"as much as I want you to be mine forever, I can't help but wonder if you want the same things, it scares me that I may not be enough...!"

He got up from the bed and stood before her, and she could see the anger in my eyes

"It scares me, that you're not into this as much as I am, and it screws me over that you would let another man kiss you at a party you brought me too"

Kate had tears in her eyes. She put her arms around him and hugged him, and said into his skin

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry... I had my own insecurities, which when I think of now, they sound so stupid, and all of that made me act stupid and I just... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to hurt you"

"What kind of insecurities" he said as he let his own arms wrap around her

"Rick, I thought you were in this only for the sex..."

"Kate have I not made it clear enough to you, so many times, we've moved ahead from there a long time ago..."

"I know, I know... I'm sorry... I just... I want to know what you think we'll be 5 years from now" she said as she looked up at him

"I see us at my house in the Hamptons, with a 2 year old son..."

She looked up at him "you have a house in the Hamptons?"

"Not yet, but did you hear the part about our son?"

She kissed him, ever so passionately and said "I did"

"Good" he said between kisses

"We're on the same page"

"I'm still angry that you let someone else kiss you" he said with a straight face

"I know" she said with a straight face "and I feel horrible, I'll do anything to make it up to you"

"Anything?" he asked with a smirk.

"Anything to show you I belong to you, I'm all yours Rick... all yours" she said as she began kissing his neck... her hands already working on his belt

"I think I need to punish you a bit for what you did tonight" he said...

"Oh really?" she asked at his ear as she nibbled on it

Before she knew it, she was naked on his bed, her wrists tied to the bed's head rest with two of his ties, his teeth marks were fresh on her neck and breasts and she was currently panting n anticipation for what was to come, his lips were moving dangerously lower and she knew she had no control here while her hands were bound above her head.

"Rick, faster"

"I call the shots" he said firmly

And she just found it so hot that he was being so dominating. The way he was holding her hips down and now as his tongue was licking through her folds, she couldn't take this slow dance

She was hot and bothered and so freaking wound up from all the loving he'd given her neck and her breasts... she swore she would have come if his lips hadn't moved away from her breast.

She couldn't think straight anymore, she was desperate to come, and she was desperate to hold him, but he was desperate to drive her insane

He curled fingers inside her, and began sucking on her clit... her toes curled and her the heel of one foot dug into his back...

"Oh Rick, baby..."

"I love the taste of you..."

"Oh fuck!" she exclaimed, her entire body writhing in pleasure, shaking in delight

"I want to feel you come against my lips Kate Think you can do that?"

A guttural moan left her lips...

"I take that as a yes" he said with a smile and then began kissing her lips between her legs, his fingers rubbing vigorously at her clit

Her moans began getting louder and louder, as she got closer and closer, involuntarily, her legs wrapped around his head, trying to hold him closer into her heat

One last move of his lips against her, and a flick across her nub had her shattering around his face coming hard and dirty against his lips and he sipped on her skin with a thirst so beastly it made her lose all sense of control

And before she could put herself together again in her blown away mind, he had thrust into her, all of his hard manhood, deep into her, right to the hilt

"I'm going to make you come again Kate..."

And she could already feel her orgasm building again, but this time it was going to be faster and even more satiating, because he was inside her, and all around her. He brought her legs up to his shoulders and began to push harder in and out of her, he watched as she kept her eyes on him, on the way he was licking his lips staring at her breasts and how they moved with every thrust of him into her

"I've never seen a more beautiful woman than you Kate... you're everything"

"Rick, I love you..." she said as her eyes rolled back, and she came again, this time, bringing him with her, his lips chanting expletives that end with her name, and how she belongs to him alone, and how no other man could have her, and Oh if this wasn't all so beautiful...

Recovering from one of the best orgasms she'd had, he kissed his way up her body,

She said "best punishment ever"

He laughed and opened up the ties, letting her arms free, and she wrapped them around her boyfriend

"I love you" she said

"Move in with me Kate"

"You're drunk"

"I'll ask you again tomorrow, and again the next day, and every single day after that if you don't say yes to me..."

"I want you to ask me tomorrow morning, and I promise you, I will say yes... tonight, mark me as yours"

She turned to her side so that he could snuggle in behind her and spoon her until he was ready to go again... she took his hand and guided it up to her breast...

"there's no one I'd ever want t be with this way, no one I'd let control me this way... only you"

He kissed her shoulder and neck and didn't stop, until she was moaning at the way his kisses complimented the sensations his hands were giving her on her breast, and before they knew it, he was ready again, and already probing at her entrance...

"Do you mind if I take you from here"

"Take me any way you wish Rick... I told you... I'm yours..."

He entered her from behind, the angle perfect, he held one of her legs up, holding her at the thigh, so that he could enter and thrust easily...

"Oh YES!"

You like this don't you? Being filled with my member all night long..."

She whimpered as his hand began palming her breasts harder and then back to holding her leg up for her as he thrust harder and faster into her...

"Oh Kate how are you always so wet..."


"Fuck... so hot around me"

"I'm coming... I'm coming, I'm coming Rick..."

And then she felt him shift a bit behind her, and just as she entered the brink of her orgasm, she felt him holding her vibrator at her clit, and bang, she envisioned her mind exploding as she came around him, writhing uncontrollably and breaking apart into a boneless, tired mess with her boyfriend's seed filling her insides, and she could think of only one thing

"I love you Richard Castle"

"sleep baby" she heard him say and she fell asleep in the arms of a man who started off as just another student and now, she wanted to call him husband someday real soon.

Sometime in the middle of the night she awoke cuddled into his side... she looked at his face, expressionless and asleep... she kissed his cheek and softly whispered at his ear with a smile on her face

"Yes, I'll move in with you"

And he mumbled something incoherent in his sleep that made her laugh.

She kissed him again and fell back to sleep.

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Lessons To Learn (chapter 45)

Chapter 45


She said as she turned around to find him standing before her. He was older now, he looked more... man, and his voice had a more mature feel to it

"I saw you when you entered and I couldn't help but think of how long it's been"

Kate smiled "yea, it's been quite a while"

"They have a really beautifully rooftop garden here, want to take a walk?"

Kate thought about it. It wouldn't mean anything right? It was just a walk with an old friend and Rick was doing fine talking to her dad. They were both getting a little drunk, not too much and they were having fun. So she said "yea sure"

They walked in silence for a while until Kate asked "so how's Maddie? We lost touch after everything that happened in senior year"

"We broke up" Brent said

"Oh, I'm sorry" Kate said, shocked at the news. Brent and Maddie were a thing, a thing that took Brent away from her during the time Kate loved him too. But that felt like ages ago.

"What happened?" Kate asked

"I realized I made a mistake... I wasn't really in love with her, at least not the way I loved you"

Kate went stiff. She suddenly felt like running far away from this spot. Running from where this was going.


"I still love you Kate... I never stopped" he said as she stood in front of her

"Brent... I'm with someone... and I stopped loving you a long time ago"

"I don't believe you... I think..." and before he could finish the sentence, he leaned in without warning and kissed her.

Kate's heart stopped. But not because of the kiss, rather at how wrong it felt. She pushed him away, lightly enough to try not to catch anyone's attention, and hard enough to tell him he's a fool to think that would work.

"Brent, get away from me" she said sternly. And he realized his mistake and walked away. Kate turned around and one pair of eyes met hers, they were cold and hurt and angry. Rick. What was she thinking? Her lips parted in an attempt to say something, but he was far away, physically and in thoughts. He finished up the drink he had in hand and then walked briskly towards her

"Rick... I can explain..."

"Save it." He said when he was near her, but then she realized he hadn't stopped, he was following behind Brent.

"Rick..." she called, but he seemed determined.

And before she knew it, he had tapped Brent's shoulder, and when Brent turned around, a punch came flying at his nose, enough to throw him to the ground.

"Fuck" Brent exclaimed.

Kate had reached them now, and stood before Rick, holding him back, her palms on his chest

"Rick, stop it, please, let's go back downstairs..." he looked at her, and then took her hands off him, and walked away. She followed behind him briskly, knowing she owed him a big explanation.

But the minute they entered the party hall again, her mother pulled her away to introduce her to some friends, and Kate looked on over to him while she was being dragged away and saw that he had gone back to the bar.

When the time came for the throwing of the bouquet, Johanna Beckett had pushed Kate into the crowd of eligible women, just for the fun of it, and Kate ended up catching the bouquet. But when she saw that the crowd of guys gathering up to catch the garter didn't include Rick, she wanted to throw the bouquet into another woman's hand and just go hug her boyfriend and tell him she was sorry. She just wanted this night to end.

Rick was standing beside an old couple who was watching Kate dance with the guy who had caught the garter and the man spoke to his wife.

"That's Katherine Beckett, Jim Beckett's daughter"

"She's a beautiful young lady, pity she hasn't found the right guy yet, she would have made a man real happy"

Rick, kept his gaze on her... he loved her, she made him happy, always did, but then why did he suddenly feel like he wasn't enough for her.

Johanna and Jim Beckett were leaving tonight soon after the party, and so before going home themselves, Kate and Rick dropped them off at the airport.

Rick shook hands with Jim Beckett and then embraced him and said "it was a pleasure getting to know more about you tonight Mr. Beckett"

"The pleasure was ours" Jim said.

Then Rick placed a kiss on Johanna Beckett's cheek and said "Mrs. Beckett, I never got to tell you, but I can't let you go without letting you know, Kate got all of her good looks from you"

Johanna laughed and looked at Kate "you really got yourself a handful here" Kate chuckled. But Rick didn't look back at her and it made her feel a little bad.

"Thank you Rick and I hope you're not just saying this because you're drunk"

"I'm more truthful when I'm drunk" he said with a charming smile. "Have a safe journey" he wished both of them and then walked towards Kate and said "I'll be in the car" and he walked away.

Kate walked on over to her parents and embraced both of them and said

"I did something stupid today. And he's angry"

"I noticed" Johanna said.

Kate said goodbye to her parents and when she hugged her mom, she said

"I was thinking of what you said, and it made me doubt stuff, and I wanted to talk to him, but we had a misunderstanding..."

"Just take him home, and be with him"

Kate nodded, she waved goodbye to them and walked on over to the car.

As Jim and Johanna walked on into the airport, Jim took his wife's hand and said "he told me he wanted to buy a ring"

"I hope he still wants to." Said Johanna

She found Rick in the passenger seat going through things on his phone.

"My place?" she asked him

"No actually, I want to go home" he said, not taking his eyes off the phone.

She started the car and drove on towards his place

When they reached, he unbuckled his seat belt and she wanted him to invite her upstairs, or at least kiss her goodbye, or maybe even a smile, but nothing. He was going to get out of the car and walk onto his place without a glance at her, and she knew it would hurt. So she spoke up

"Can I come up with you?"

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Lessons To Learn (chapter 44)

Chapter 44

Kate hadn't gotten a chance to ever bring up that topic, and so Saturday night, as she was waiting for him to come over, she told herself she would talk to him about it later that evening.

When she opened the door to let him in, she swore her heart stopped for a second. He looked lip smacklingly delicious.

He stepped into her space and kissed her cheek sweetly and said

"Save that lustful look for later sweety"

She wanted to say something about the endearment and how she didn't like it, but she let it go, because he was whispering something else to her

"With the way you're dressed up, it won't be soon until I have you screaming my name while I'm inside you"

A blush rose to her cheeks and she found herself saying to him as they walked into the living room where her parents were seated "behave yourself tonight Rick, I can't be distracted while all of my dad's friends are trying to make conversation with us"

Rick lightly spanked her rear and she bit her lip. When they were in her parents view, she schooled her features and said

"Let's go"

"I can't believe you won't let me drive. It makes me look like such a douche sitting in the passenger seat of the car with my girlfriend at the wheel"

"My parents won't judge" she said to him as they made their way to her car in the parking lot.


"Relax, just have fun tonight"

"I will"

He took a moment then and said

"Kate is something bothering you? You seem a little pre occupied"

She chuckled "I should've known you'd see right through me"

"So there is something?"

She stopped in her tracks and looked at him and said "I wanted to talk to you about something, but it'll have to wait until later okay?" she said as she saw her parents approaching the car.

"Yea, alright... don't worry" he said

When they reached, Kate's parents got out of the car and she told them she'd meet her inside after she parked the car in the parking lot. Rick stayed with her. Just as she was taking her seatbelt off to get out of the car, he placed his hand on her knee...

"Have I told you how gorgeous you're looking tonight Kate?" he said in a low deep tone...

And Kate looked up to see the sincerity in his eyes, mixed with strong amounts of lust and suddenly, she was torn apart as to what to make of the things he says to her

His hand was tracing soft circles on her skin. And very subtely, he was trying to move his hand up her dress. She stopped him

"Rick, not now... the party"

"come on, the party can wait.." he said as he leaned in to kiss her, and he did, softly brushing his lips against hers, ever so reverently that it almost made her change her mind, but then she felt his hand move higher up her dress, and even though her knees moved apart, her body inviting him in, her brain was retaliating

"Rick!" she said as she caught his elbow "I said not now"

"I can't go through the night looking at you in this dress, it'll be torture" he said as he kissed her again, and this time, she pushed him away

"GOSH! Is sex all you think about?"

That got him angry "what? That's unfair Kate! Where is this coming from?"

And she realized she was losing her cool, and so she tamed her features and looked away for a moment. She heard him sigh, and from the side of her eyes she watched him straighten his tux, and his bow tie

"I'm sorry" she said

"No, it's alright, come on, let's go" he said with a sweet smile and then he got out of the car. Kate wanted to slap herself. She got out of the car and walked beside him to the elevator.

"Rick, where are we going?" she blurted out while they were in the elevator, standing a little too apart for any of their liking.

He looked at her dumb foundly, and said "ummm, I remember you telling me the party's on the last floor"

Kate was silenced. She kept her words inside. Maybe they could talk later tonight. Anyway they had reached the last floor now and he was already walking out of the elevator and towards the doorway to the hall room. However, he waited for her to step beside him, and only then entered.

The party was grand, at the far end, Kate's parents were talking to a few other couples who seemed to be their age, there were a few younger people there too, some who even looked to be about Rick's age, Kate found herself reaching out to slip her hand into his, and when she did, she felt his hand was cold.

"You okay?" she asked

"Just nervous" he said, is eyes still on the crowd

She came to stand in front of him, and leaned up on her toes and kissed his cheek "don't be, these people will love you"

He looked at her then and smiled and said "don't leave me alone even for a second d, I'm might end up embarrassing myself by saying something stupid"

She held his hand and they walked ahead into the party, and she said "that won't be a problem, you only seem to say stupid things when you're talking to me"

"Ha ha" he laughed sarcastically and she chuckled. They seemed to have found a groove again. And even though she knew he must still be upset, she hoped it wasn't too bad to not be fixed later tonight. They needed to talk, and soon.

Through the night, Rick found his confidence, and before she knew it, he was off on his own talking to a few of the other lawyers that her dad had introduced him too, and they seemed to be laughing at something he had said. And it made Kate feel good. He was always the talker, the life of the conversation. And she loved him.

They had danced together when the slow music came on, and like a perfect gentleman, he had held her close enough, his hand on the small of her back, and his cheek to hers and she thinks he mumbled an apology sometime during the dance. She wasn't sure though... she only remembers kissing his cheek soon after.

They had jived too, and she felt so carefree as he twirled her around the dance floor, knowing all the right steps to give her a great time...

Right now he was standing with her father and they were sharing a drink together... Kate knew that both of them had already drank enough to get into a happy- high state of mind, but who was she to tell her men how to handle their liquor. She smiled at how her dada was laughing so hard at something Rick said.

Then someone behind her caught her attention.

"Kate" the voice came. And she recognized that voice almost as if she had last heard it only yesterday, even though it was quite a few years since he had walked out of her life.

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Lessons To Learn (chapter 43)

Chapter 43

He entered her swiftly and leaned down over her to kiss her neck, and then slowly he began to move in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, the change of angle doing delicious things for both of them. The feeling of himself sliding into her heat, in and out, rubbing against her hot, wet walls, her skin slapping against his, he was so close. And he knew she was too, for with every push into her, his pubic bone rubbed against her over sensitive clit...

Rick roughly pulled the cup of her bra down to expose one of those beauties to his lips. The minute his lips latched onto her, she lost control completely, not it was all him.

"Touch yourself, come for me"

She let her hand dip down between their bodies and began rubbing her clit... and with every thrust, his pelvic bone met with her knuckles, offering her the right amount of pressure while she kept rubbing

All it took was another thrust and she came again with him deep inside her, milking him of his own seed, moans of pleasure from both of their lips raw and loud and uncaring of the neighbours judgement.

After they had caught their breaths, he tried to move off her, but she held him there saying, "wait a little while longer" her eyes were closed and she was still making her way out of the haze of pleasure. He chuckled and kissed her temple and said

"I can't believe we just had sex on the floor of my doorway"

"I can't believe I still have half my clothes on"

He laughed and she kissed his lips, not letting them go too easily

"If you keep going like this, there are chances we won't be getting off the floor soon"

"If that's going to happen, I will be expecting a good back massage tonight"

"Sure thing, of course your parents will believe me when I say I've only come over to be their daughter's masseur"

"Okay, you did not have to bring up the image of my parents while you're lying on top of me and inside me, and all around me"

He laughed "I could move off"

"I will allow that, only if you carry me to your bed and make love to me for another 2 hours"

He pretended to be thinking about it a lot. Kate chuckled and hit him playfully. "Okay deal" he said as he moved and she sat up, adjusting her underwear in place and her bra too

"Why'd you have to do that?" he asked as he picked their clothes off the ground

"You try wearing your innerwear half-off."

He understood. "Well, you can might as well take it off" he said as he held her hands and pulled her towards his bedroom

"I'd rather have you do it"

"Touché" he said as he led her in and closed the door to his bedroom

That evening, after Kate and her parents were done with dinner, she was washing dishes with her mother and Johanna Beckett had an interesting thing to ask.

"Katie, this man, Rick..."

Kate looked up at her, she wondered what she wanted to say

"How much do you love him?"

Kate looked back down at the plate she was wiping dry and chuckled "I never thought I'd ever say this about anyone, but I think he's the one mom"

"That serious ha?" Johanna asked.

"Yea, I guess... why do you ask"

"Does he love you just as much?"

"I like to believe that he's more committed than I am... I always have one foot out the door when it comes to relationships mom, you know that... and initially, it was like that with Rick, but I find that we've come to a place where, he pulling me completely in... And I'm not fighting it"

Johanna turned to Kate and said "That's good"

"he's good for me" there was silence then and Kate wondered whether she should tell her mother about the fact that Rick was actually slightly younger to her and she had lied about his profession. But just before she could say anything, her mother asked

"Have you two talked about the future?"

"What do you mean?" Kate asked

"Is he someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, Kate?"

"Well, yes, but, we haven't really talked about it"

"Why not?"

And Kate had to wonder, she knew they were both on the same page when it came to how much they love each other, but what about when it came to where they were going. She knew this was a conversation they needed to have. Of course he was young, and only just finishing college, and maybe he wanted to wait a while before thinking about a commitment like marriage, but she needed to know if was even a thing he wanted in the future, marriage. With her. It felt heavy on her heart, as she suddenly began to wonder why they'd never talked about it, about how far they want to go, about what happens next... all they ever did was made love and spend quality time together.

"I don't know, maybe I'm afraid of what he'll say"

"Then that foot isn't quite completely inside the door yet sweetheart"

That's when her phone began to ring. Both of them saw the caller id and the handsome young man on the screen. Johanna smiled "take it, I'll finish off here for you"

Kate nodded and moved to take the call

"Hey" she said as she put the phone to her ear

"A tux should be okay right? For this weekend?"

She smiled. "Yea should be great."

"Awesome, I just needed to make sure, cause I didn't want to look overdressed and neither underdressed"

Kate chuckled at the little cares he had.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing... I was just talking to my mom about you"

"You were? And..."

"And..." Kate didn't want to bring it up right now, at least not over the phone...

"And nothing... you interrupted."


She chuckled "anyway, I'm off to sleep now, I'll see you tomorrow"

"The very same seat professor Beckett"

She laughed "good"

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Lessons To Learn (chapter 42)

Chapter 42

He walked on over until he was behind her and wrapped his arms around her, and his lips landed on her neck…

"I've never loved a woman the way I love you Katherine Beckett," he said between kissed

"And I don't care that you're a few years older to me… we make it work" he said as he kissed passionately down her neck eliciting a soft moan from her lips…

His hands slip up until he was palming both her breasts…

"No other woman, young or old has seen this side to me... Hell I haven't seen this side of me.. You make me wild Kate!"

She found herself melting in his arms, she was sure if he went on, her wetness would begin to show through her jeans... she had to stop him…"

"And I think age is just a number… you're way too flexible to be considered…"

"Don't say the word" she said. He chuckled at her ear and then said

"We have a bigger problem at hand"

She grinded her hips back against his growing erection… "Hmmm, I know"

He chuckled again "aside from that…"

She turned in his arms and kissed deeply, winding her arms around him, dizzy from his kisses

"Can't you skip the faculty meeting?" he asked at her lips

"You don't know how badly I want to" she said

He sighed "alright, just come home soon after"

"I will"

Kate was sitting through the meeting, it was an orientation of sorts, the principal had invited a guest speaker and he was rambling away about something that Kate couldn't find it in her to pay attention too. There was a throbbing, arousing ache between her legs and she wanted to go over to her boyfriends place and have him take care of it. Her phone buzzed

He had sent her an image. She opened it up, and a blush rose to her cheeks. He had probably just had a shower and he had sent her an image of himself wearing nothing but his towel low on his hips and a smile so charming it made her heart race. Also, his body looked perfect, his chest and abs were what her attention was drawn to most, and Kate shifted in her seat a little cause that river of arousal was only beginning to overflow.

"This is not fair! You shouldn't do this to me ;)"she replied to him

"All's fair in love and war"

"If you continue, I'll show you a war when I get there"

"I can't wait ;)" he replied.

"What are you doing?"

"Lying in bed with no intention of putting any clothes on, so as to make your work easier"

"You want me to embarrass myself here, don't you?"

"Hey! You're the one with no control over your libido"

"Watch that tongue Mr., or you won't be getting anything."

"Oh, I don't have to worry. I know I'm Irresistible to you. Plus I've got a hard on with your name on it!"

Kate wanted to laugh. She texted back "do you even know how cheap that sounded. You make me sound like a prostitute ;)"

"Well, the difference here would be, I pay you in good loving"

"Shut up"

"Get here fast"

"I'm trying, the speaker won't shut up! Okay wait, he's concluding"

"Woot woot!" came Rick's reply

Kate knocked on his front door and waited. The minute the door flew open she pounced onto him, her arms wrapping around his shoulders, relishing the feeling of his hot skin, and her leg already trying to hook onto his hip, her lips were drowned by his and his tongue made it a mission to taste her for everything she's worth.

His hands flew from her waist, to make work of her jeans and just as soon as he'd popped open the button and pulled down the zipper, his hand slipped into her underwear and he dipped his fingers into her heat

She threw back her head to lean against the door and sighed. His lips began kissing and sucking down the skin of her neck

"I love how turned on you get… I mean Kate… you're soaking…"

"Shut up and move those fingers" she said in a pant. He obeyed, working her clit up like a pro, inserting two fingers deep into her heat.

She moaned loud enough for every wall in the loft to hear and if it didn't make his own throbbing cock ache with need

He bit don on her neck and she grinded her pelvis harder into his hand "faster Rick" she whispered and he began rubbing her clit relentlessly knowing how wound up she'd gotten and just how close she must be.

"Come whenever you're ready"

"I want you inside"

"Later. I want to feel you come around my fingers"

And those words were enough to elicit the right response. He felt her muscles spasm around his fingers, and her whimpers got desperate as she climbed to the peak of her orgasm and came on his hand. He began kissing him, softly, deeply, letting him hear through her kiss more than words just how much she loved the things he did for her.

And as they kissed, he made work of her shirt buttons, revealing her skin, covered only at her breasts with a white utility bra, he liked it, it showed him how simple a woman she really was. If anything, it made him think about just how comfortable they'd gotten with each other.

She didn't always need to have on lacy lingerie to get his attention, he loved her for her and not just for her looks… he didn't bother to push the open shirt off her shoulders, instead, his hands began to push her jeans down, needing to get her naked, but once they were off her legs, he felt her pull the towel off his waits and drop it down behind his feet.

And then she looked at him, her eyes dark with lust, she bit down on her lip, kissed him once more, her palms hot and gentle on his chest, she got down on her knees and began stroking his dick.

"Oh fuck" and even before thee expletive completely left his lips, he felt her hot mouth go around him, the very same mouth that his tongue had just been exploring not a few minutes ago. She licked and kissed him, and took him deep into her mouth, her hand and mouth both working him up well... and it wasn't until he heard her moan that he realized, she had one hand in her underwear, working herself up to another orgasm. He couldn't take it, he slipped himself out of her mouth, and knelt with her, he gently pushed her down to the floor, and held her legs apart before him

"I love you Kate, so freakin much!" she could hear him, but couldn't form the words to reply, he was tugging the centre of her underwear away to the side, so as to expose her heat to him, the fact that he was in such a hurry to take her, that he didn't bother to take her underwear off just made her feel so hot and so ready to come.

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Lessons To Learn (chapter 41)

Chapter 41

Later that night, Rick was home in bed just ready to sleep when his phone buzzed with a text from Kate

"My parents wouldn't stop talking about you after you left"

"Are you serious? What were they saying?"

"Please, your ego doesn't need any more massaging"

"So it was something good then? ;)"He replied

"Cool it big guy, that smug grin you probably have on is loud enough for me to hear all the way here"

Rick laughed at how well she knew him.

"Actually, they suggested I asked you something"

"What is it?"

"Well, an old family friend's son is getting married, and we've been invited to the reception this coming weekend. I'm allowed to have a plus one…"

"Katherine Beckett, are you asking me to be your plus one"

"All you have to say is yes or no" she pressed.

"I accept." He sent back. But then he typed out another text

"You're sure there'll be no one there who recognises me?"

"That shouldn't be a problem, they're having a small reception, mostly a lot of dad's colleagues and friends and their families"

"That's great. Now tell me, what will you be wearing? ;)"

Kate smiled and lay down in bed.

"Wouldn't you rather want to know what I'm wearing right now ;)"

Rick felt his blood rush south at the very moment he read the message

"Oh yes, I would like that very much"

"You're insatiable"

"You started it"

"Listen Rick, I'm sorry about tonight, I promise I'll make it up to you somehow."

"I'll be looking forward to it. Speaking of, I'm think that the chances of us getting it on this week are less"

"As long as my parents are at home… it's tough… Maybe we can meet at your place for a while and…"

"Yea, that sounds great"

"But I will have to go home every night..." she said.

"I understand" Rick said. He did. Her parents were home for just a week, and he knew she missed them. She wanted to spend her evenings with them.

"So… about what you're wearing…" Rick texted

Kate smiled as she dialled his number, and while one hand held the phone to her ear, the other slowly slid down into her pyjamas..

"How wet are you?" he asked as soon as he picked up

"That depends, how many pieces of clothing are you wearing?"

The next day, after class, Rick walked on over to her desk, and when the last student left the class, he said

"Last night was…"

A blush rose to her cheeks

"I especially enjoyed the part where you said you were…"

"yea… I enjoyed that too"

"You really did that?"

Kate chuckled "I did"

"You surprise me… all the time" he said as he stepped closer and pulled her into his arms, pressing his lips to hers and drawing her into a passionate kiss. She hummed her appreciation. He smelled so good, so tempting, she swore if she didn't have another class to get to, she would have torn open his shirt and kissed that beautiful body.

"You make me do things I've never done before, so… If anyone is surprised, it's me" she said

He chuckled and then said "listen, mother's not home this afternoon, at least not until later tonight… I was thinking… maybe we could…"

She looked into his eyes and bit her lip "I'll be there"

He grinned.

"I'll be waiting." He whispered into her ear, his hot breath sending shivers down her skin. She held on to his shirt collar and pulled him in for another kiss, this time, her tongue fought his as the kiss grew in intensity.. His hands roamed her waist and caressed her back until they began roaming lower where he grabbed her rear and pulled her hips flush against him

All it took was the sound of a voice outside that had them repelling like opposite sides of a magnet. Kate's first reaction was to straighten her shirt and settle her hair.

Rick ran a hand through his hair too, but could do little to hide the bulge in his jeans

"Professor Kate?" a voice and then a head peaked in through the door of the classroom. It was prof. Elena

"Yes, Professor Elena... I was just on my way to the staff room, did you need something?"

"No no, just had to pass on a message, the principal is having a meeting for the faculty after lectures today…"

"Oh" she was trying hard to hide the disappointment in her features.

"And Mr. Castle, how nice to see you!"

"Same prof. Elena."

"You should come by sometime, I'm sure Johnny would love to see you again"

"I will Prof. Elena, soon after my final exams"

The professor waved and the disappeared.

Kate looked at Rick.

"Who's Johnny?" she asked

"Her son… I met him once or twice when I'd gone over to her place for some tutoring"

"Tutoring… umm... Rick… if I didn't know better, I'd suspect you had something going on with prof. Elena" she said with a raised eyebrow, and he could hear the jealously in her voice

"What? Ewww! No!" he reacted

"Oh come on, did you see the way she looked at you…" Kate went on.

"I can't help it if she has the hots for me" he said with a wink.

"Oh. I see" Kate said, crossing her arms in front of her

"And ewww! She's old!" he continued

Kate stared at him for a moment. She then turned around and walked to her chair where her bag was.

"Okay… not that older women aren't hot…"

"Stop while you're in safe waters Rick"

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